The Classic Photo Booth

A Guide To Photo Booth Rental

When we first set out to create the perfect Photo Booth we knew we had stiff competition. The Sydney Photo Booth market is a tough place but we knew that we could stand out from the crowd.

Constantly working on new designs to be at the forefront of the industry, our original Photo Booth was a cracker! 

Classic in design, Simple to operate, and Professional Studio Quality Photos EVERY TIME!

A winning combination and a Photo Booth that has earned such a great reputation amongst Wedding, Birthday and Corporate Event clients, that we run our business hugely on referrals - the greatest compliment of all!

Now you may say, “But all photo booths are the same”, and in essence you’d be right. But let us show you why not all Photo Booths are created equal.

What Makes SwitchBooth So Special?

All-In-One Design


This feature is really what sets us apart.

The Touch Screen, Studio Light, Camera and Printer are contained within the Booth which means we can squeeze into the tightest of spaces.

This has proved to save the day more than once! 

The Camera

Many photo booth operators choose webcams over DSLR cameras. This may benefit the operator but it doesn’t benefit you. At SwitchBooth, all our photo booths are fitted with DSLR cameras. The BENEFITS to you are higher resolution, sharper images that can be printed at poster size if you wanted!

The Printer

SwitchBooth uses Dye Sublimation Photo Printers which allow us to provide lab quality prints. Not only are your photos ready in under 15 seconds, but your prints won’t fade so they’ll be a memento for life, AND Faster printing means MORE PHOTO SESSIONS!

The Lighting

Studio lighting is always the optimal choice for your photo booth. Many booth operators opt for internally mounted ring lights due to practicality reasons, but this offers a less professional results especially for larger groups where some people fade into the darkness. A SwitchBooth Photo Booth has a top mounted Studio Light which is perfect for small AND large groups. Our images POP because everyone is brightly lit. Even our backdrops shimmer to life!

The Attendant

If a Photo Booth Business if offering you an Unattended Booth, then think again. By the end of your event the area will be a mess. The props will broken and your guests will be complaining. At SwitchBooth, we offer an Booth Attendant at every event. This means that we prompt your guests to get the best out of their photo session, the props are maintained and kept tidy, and your guestbook is being filled with hilarious Photo Booth Moments that you can look back on for years to come.

A Classic Photo Booth is more than just a mechanical box in the corner, its a world of entertainment for your High School Formal, Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Party. It will bring your event to LIFE and will be the talk of the town amongst your piers!

SwitchBooth Photo Booth Hire - Professional Photo Booth Entertainment at it’s best!

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